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To drive innovation across the enterprise, IT departments should focus their efforts on building a solid foundation of cloud architecture and data management.

When you think about innovation, your first instinct might be to consider new technology. And while technology is certainly a critical component of any corporate innovation initiative, it’s not the only one. In fact, from my vantage point as an executive in an IT consulting firm, I’d argue that it’s not even the most important.

What is? Building a solid foundation of cloud architecture and data management that enables business leaders to break down silos, share insights and make well-informed decisions.

Of course, this is easier said than done. As anyone who has put together a jigsaw puzzle knows, you have to start with the edge pieces. These are easy to place because they fit into one another so tightly. Likewise, when it comes to building out the foundation for an innovation ecosystem…

At a time when digital innovation is disrupting industry after industry, the value of innovation for IT organizations can’t be overstated. The  business impact of innovation has never been greater.

The new CEO Agenda: Winning in the Era of Digital Disruption study found that the digital economy is transforming businesses at an unprecedented rate. The study also revealed that today’s CEOs believe innovation is more important than ever to help their organizations lead in this fast-paced environment.

Innovation, however, isn’t always straightforward. Too often, it’s characterized by chaotic trial and error — an approach that indicates IT may not have a clear understanding of what innovation really means. Instead, IT leaders should think strategically about how they want to drive transformation within their organization and build a solid foundation to fuel their efforts.

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