Foundations Projects

Every single person can make a difference. This is our core belief. Therefore, we have launched the Donations campaign. We firmly believe that we can change the world for the better and help make it a better place for the next generation. Let us work together to achieve this mission.


Cloud Hosting Plan

You can support Droplets58 Organisation to grow and do more goodwork. By supporting Droplets58 Organisations with cloud hosting plan, you are making it easy for us to reach more people.


Internet Connection

Droplets58 organisation urgently needs Internet Connection. Your donation can make all the difference. This will allow us to develop and continue existing projects within communities which are in need of support.


Computers and Accessories

We believe that Droplets58 Organisation is an excellent cause. Your Computers and Accessories will be used in many ways by those who need it most. Create an impact onto the future by supporting education, literacy and other reforms for businesses and people to become self-reliant.


Web Hosting Plan

We need your help to create and maintain a secure web server for our website. Your donation will be used towards the hosting plan as well as purchasing SSL certs, technical support so that we can better serve our community. If you are unable to donate you can help us by sharing our link on social media where ever you go.

volunteer time

Volunteer Time

Do you want to help out with the projects we are working on? Do you want to organise an event with Droplets58? Join us! Here we share our vision, our goals and how you can contribute.


Work Space

Work space enables us to run the operations of our charity almost entirely in house. The facilities give us the opportunity to support our clients, some individuals with complex needs, in a safe and secure working environment.

Audio Visual Equipments

We suggest you to donate your unused and unwanted electronics equipments to Droplets58 Organisation that aims at uplifting the education sector. With your one step, we can revolutionize the education system of our country by providing the best audio-visual equipment and thus improve learning experiences.

Database Mangement Plan

This is a crucial tool that helps Droplets58 Organisation to plan the overall database and its development migration. A Database Mangement Plan defines the standard and procedures of database management, irrespective of its size. Furthermore, it allows us to define the relationship between the database and other information systems. In conclusion, we greatly appreciate this generous donation because it enables us to perform our duties efficiently.

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Service vehicle

Support Droplets58 Organisation by donating your vehicle. Your donation helps Droplets58 Organisation support our community by providing the services that make a difference in the lives of people requiring our help.

Droplets58 Movement

We work with other organizations and the public to inspire, empower and grow the technology community, in a collaborative and inclusive environment. We believe that this helps everyone involved achieve their goals while having fun along the way.

How Can We Help You?

Looking for IT support ? Our services can help you to save time & budget! Let us know your specific problems – we will help to solve them!

For any career inquiries, please visit our careers page here.