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Nonprofit IT is too often non-functioning IT. International NGOs deserve better. That’s why we help nonprofit organizations accomplish their goals with dependable, smart, and strategic IT services tailored exactly to their needs.

Our goal is to strengthen nonprofit organizations with better IT.

We understand that your number one priority is achieving your mission. Our solutions can include unlimited remote and on-site helpdesk support, proactive network management, and ongoing IT planning from a dedicated team of experts, so you can focus on what matters most.

How it Works

We work with your organization to create a personalized service package based on your unique organizational structure and goals. We don’t push a chosen few technologies or resell only a few solutions – we always work to form the best solution.

IT Services We Can Provide for Your International NGO Includes:

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Outsourced IT Services

We provide unlimited remote and on-site helpdesk support, proactive network management and ongoing IT planning from a dedicated team

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Supplemental IT Support

We provide supplemental support to fill gaps in staffing or expertise for nonprofit organization with existing resources. our services are tailored to your staffing model and technology environment


IT Planning

We offer strategic IT planning and consulting to help you identify opportunities where technology can help your organization run more smoothly and provide better support to your mission

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Cloud Management

We evaluate and implement cloud and hosted solutions for your information technology needs. We ensure functionality and data are effectively and efficiently carried out into new environments


Backups & Business Continuity

We help nonprofit organizations to select and implement remote backups, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that fit their budget and needs and give peace of mind



We assess and strengthen your nonprofit's cybersecurity posture. Our relationship with non-profits allow us to provide cybersecurity solutions that align with your culture and needs

Are You Ready for IT You Can Depend On?

    Do you struggle with these non profit IT issues?

    Lack of Expertise.

    Underperforming Systems.

    Poor Security.

    Important Notice !

    If you have limited IT experience, it might be a struggle to build a successful website or other types of digital media projects. Whether you work at an organization that deals with nonprofit organizations or if you are a nonprofit worker who wants to set up a venture of your own, our NonProfit IT Services allows you to turn your ideas into reality.

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    We work with other organizations and the public to inspire, empower and grow the technology community, in a collaborative and inclusive environment. We believe that this helps everyone involved achieve their goals while having fun along the way.

    How Can We Help You?

    Looking for IT support ? Our services can help you to save time & budget! Let us know your specific problems – we will help to solve them!

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