Droplets58 Partnership Policy

This policy for use of technology states the rights and responsibilities for technology users. Employees, committees, donors,interns,trainees volunteers and guests are governed by this policy.

Droplets58’s technology systems are provided for the use of Droplets58’s staff and
other authorized users in support of the activities of the organization. All users are responsible for using
the technology systems in an ethical and lawful manner.
All employees, interns,committees,donors,guests,trainees and volunteers are required to sign agreement to this policy.
This policy may be occasionally reviewed and modified. Upon implementation of a new technology use
policy, employees and volunteers will have to sign the new agreement.
A. Rules for Technology Use
I. Downloads and System Setting
 Since audio, video, and picture files take a large amount of space and bandwidth
on the server, they are not allowed to be downloaded unless they are business
 Unauthorized installation of software is prohibited.
 The organization’s software may not be copied, altered, or transmitted
II. Use of Emails
 Your email is not secure or private. Emails that you send can be viewed by
people other than those you meant to send it to.
 Do not use your organization email when subscribing to personal mailing lists.
 Emails with attachments from unknown senders should be deleted without
 Use a filing system for organizing your emails.
 Never alter the “From:” line information on your email.
 Delete inactive email from your inbox after sixty days. These inactive emails can
be stored in personal folders on your hard drive.
III. Security
All employees have the responsibility to keep the organization’s technology secure.
 The technology administrator holds the right to change email passwords.
 No person shall access a computer, files, or applications belonging another
employee without that individual’s consent.
 No unauthorized use of the server room or server is permitted.
IV. Computer Use
All computer users are to use those resources professionally, ethically, and lawfully. You
are given access to these computers for use on your job. Any activity that falls outside of
that scope is prohibited.
 Employees are responsible for keeping backups of work-related files on their
local hard drive in case of any type of technology failure.
 Technology may not be used to access any material that may be seen as
offensive by others.
 Use technology only for business purposes. Do not utilize the technology for
personal use.
Technology Nonprofit Collaboration
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V. Privacy
Technology systems are exclusively the property of the organization.
 Employees should not maintain personal information on premises or store or
transmit personal information using the organization’s network, equipment, or
B. Policy Rule Enforcement
 The executive director (or staff designated by the ED) may periodically monitor computer
usage to ensure adherence to this policy.
 Staff and volunteers using an organization computer must inform their supervisor of any
computer damage, virus, data loss, and equipment failure. Supervisory staff will work with
the ED as appropriate to resolve the issue.
C. Consequences of Policy Violations
 Failure to abide by any of the above guidelines and policies could result in action directed by
the nonprofit’s current practice including dismissal from the organization.
By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the technology use practices,
enforcements, and consequences described in this policy.




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