Non Profit Technology Consulting & Strategy

Non Profit Technology Consulting & Strategy ServicesThe Right IT Strategy Will Support Your Operational Success

Your information systems are critical to the health and growth of your nonprofit. Implementing a comprehensive IT strategy will allow you to focus on what your organization does best – achieving its mission.

Non Profit Technology Consulting & Strategy ServicesWhy Nonprofit Technology Consulting & Strategy Solutions?


1. Increased Efficiency

Maintaining visibility and control of your network is crucial to minimize the risk of a breach. Network management allows you to identify and respond to threats before they impact your organization.

2.Plan for the Future

When nonprofits implement effective IT solutions, upgrade aging systems, and rely on dependable IT service support, employees can operate more productively. When IT works well, so does your organization.


3. Protection Against Threats

In the ever-changing world of technology, cyberattacks can easily compromise your systems. With a strategic IT solution, you’ll be proactive in avoiding technological catastrophes and be up and running quickly if an IT incident does occur.

We offer IT consulting and strategy to keep your organization running safely.

It’s challenging for a nonprofit organization to manage all aspects of IT on its own, even with in-house IT staff. Doing it all – managing the security of your data assets, providing reasonable recovery times, and keeping costs effective – is a complicated endeavor.

How it Works

At Droplets58, we don’t simply create an updated IT solution for you. We’re here to ensure the adoption of new technologies and solutions goes smoothly by providing organizations with access to helpful, thorough training. We help our clients understand new systems and technologies and how these can improve their workflows.

We’re here to walk alongside you as you implement better IT solutions so that your staff feels confident in the technology and systems they use daily.

Are You Ready for IT You Can Depend On?

    Do you struggle with these non profit IT issues?

    Lack of Expertise.

    Underperforming Systems.

    Poor Security.

    Important Notice !

    If you have limited IT experience, it might be a struggle to build a successful website or other types of digital media projects. Whether you work at an organization that deals with nonprofit organizations or if you are a nonprofit worker who wants to set up a venture of your own, our NonProfit IT Services allows you to turn your ideas into reality.

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    We work with other organizations and the public to inspire, empower and grow the technology community, in a collaborative and inclusive environment. We believe that this helps everyone involved achieve their goals while having fun along the way.

    How Can We Help You?

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