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Cloud Management ServicesImprove Organizational Efficiency by Using a Cloud Solution

Your information systems and data are critical to the life and success of your organization. Whether you’re unhappy with your current cloud solution or are looking to transition to the cloud, ensuring that your system is robust and well-managed to protect your assets is crucial to your success.

Cloud Management SolutionsWhy Cloud Management?


1.Keep Data Secure

Using an optimized cloud solution makes assets secure, broadly accessible and also redundant. Whether it’s a breach of security or human error, loss of data can be a major disruption to operations. Ensure that your cloud solutions are effectively secured and managed.

2.Increased Flexibility

Using an optimized cloud solution allows staff to access services and data anytime, anywhere. Your team can easily share data and collaborate to complete projects. Improve efficiency, increase productivity, and save costs by optimizing the cloud.


3. Smooth Migration Process

Migrating to a different cloud solution is not a quick process. Working with a trusted team to select and implement the right cloud solution for your business helps the process to go as smoothly as possible.

We offer cloud solutions to keep your data safe and accessible.

It’s challenging for nonprofit organizations to assess their document utilization and decide whether to move to a cloud solution on their own. It’s even more difficult to decide which cloud platforms they should use and determine how the process will go.

How it Works

At Droplets58, our practice is to create a monitored and constantly-updated approach to cloud solutions. We help organizations assess which solutions have the features and capabilities they need, then detail a strategic foundation by identifying where their data lives, how long it needs to be retained , and how often it needs to be backed up. After that, we plan and coordinate the migration to the new cloud platform in advance to ensure the success of the project. In short, our nonprofit IT services for the cloud mean that you can have peace of mind that your organization’s data is safely stored and always accessible.

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